Beautiful Bramley Toiletries

Here at Oates & Co. we like to live and breathe our products. You’ll find a lot of the items we sell in our own homes, and none more so than the Bramley range of toiletries.

The range has been developed by Chloë Luxton, who honed her skills in the luxury toiletries market working for brands such as The Cowshed and Green & Spring. She came up with the Bramley range for her husband’s pub.

What we love about the products is that they are made using all natural ingredients, to Chloë’s exact specifications, right here in the UK. Chloë sourced an apothecarist based in Somerset, who uses pure essential oils not only for their fragrance but also for their renowned therapeutic properties. The range has a common theme of citrus essential oils running through it, although each product has its own unique blend of fragrances.

Some of the products include:

Rose Absolute and Spearmint Scented Candle, £22

Bramley candle absolute rose and spearmint on Oates & Co.

OK, so this scent combination sounds, well, a little….weird. But trust us, it’s fresh, floral and incredibly uplifting.

With a burn time of around 40 hours, the 100% natural wax in this candle is sourced from sustainable crops and made from certified vegan ingredients. It contains no paraffin, petrochemical or palm waxes and the wick is made of a lead-free, natural fibre.

Clary Sage and Lemongrass Hand Wash, £11.50

Bramley Clary Sage and Lemongrass Hand Wash Organic and Natural on Oates & Co.

A very refreshing and reassuringly clean smell, this is one of our best sellers, together with the hand cream.

The formulation is antibacterial and is not drying to the skin. Once you try it, you can see why it’s so popular!

Grapefruit and Lavendar Hand Cream, £11.50

Bramley Grapefruit and Lavendar Hand Cream Organic and Natural on Oates & Co.

Relaxing and intensely moisturising, this cream is quickly absorbed, avoiding greasy handshakes and slippery fingers!

This is one of the best hand creams we have tried, and there is always a bottle on my desk.

Mandarin and Lemongrass Body Wash, £12

Bramley body shower wash with mandarin and lemongrass organic oils on Oates and Co.

If, like us, you’re one of these creatures that relies on your morning shower to extract you from your soporofic stupor in the mornings, this will become your new secret weapon.

Featuring the most refreshing and energising essential oil combination, you’ll stride out of the shower, ready to face the day!

The range also includes a gorgeously relaxing Lavendar and Grapefruit Bath Soak (£12), Juniper Berry and Bergamot Body Lotion (£12) and a generous travel size gift set of four of their bestselling products in 100ml each (£22).

With Christmas coming up, why not treat someone special – or better yet, print this blog post off, get a highlighter out and leave it for your loved ones to pick up the not-too-subtle hint!


Sylvia x

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