English Wine Week: Our Pick of the Best

We’ve all heard the predictions that England will becoming a significant wine producing region within the next ten years, but ask your average Joe what they think of English wine, and the majority of the time you’ll probably be presented with a face that looks like it’s just tasted sour grapes!

Well, I was like this until a few months ago, when a friend introduced me to the most wonderful English wine (it was Three Choirs Bacchus 2011, if you would like to know). We got chatting over the bottle and it turns out that a lot of us have formulated opinions about English wine through tasting British wine. What’s the difference? Well, a producer can label their wine as British if they use cheap, imported grapes but just make the product over here. Wine labelled as English wine is made from grapes grown here, and is an entirely different story.

I thought I’d write this post as it’s currently English Wine Week, and I am all for supporting home grown. And, well, there’s no denying I love a good glass of wine, too!

Since my first foray into the world of English wine, I have tried a number. I am no wine buff, so there are no fancy tasting notes, but here are my favourites so far:

1. Bacchus 2011, Three Choirs, £12.99

This is one of the UK’s most prevalent grapes, and the flavours that jump out couldn’t be more British, either – elderflower, nettle, asparagus and herbs. Like summer in a glass.

2. Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009, Majestic Wine, £35.99

You may have seen this one in the press. It’s got all the wine experts excited as it’s supposed to be as good as any “actual” champagne (i.e. those made in the Champagne region in France). I thought it was delicious because it’s got those tiny bubbles that make a lovely layer of fizz on your tongue, and I actually could taste brioche and shortbread in there, which are two of my favourite baked goods!

3. Flint Dry 2014, Chapel Down, £59.94 for 6 bottles

Chapel Down is one of the most famous English wine producers, and when you taste this baby you’ll see why! Apparently the warm weather in 2014 is to thank for this wine being so delicious. It reminds me of a top-quality Chablis. Yum.
I’d love it if this post inspired a few of you to get out and try a proper English wine, and support our local producers. Another thing to look out for is that lots of the English vineyards are holding special events this weekend in honour of English Wine Week. I can’t think of many ways I’d rather spend my weekend than on a wine tour!

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Sylvia x


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