I’ve Woken Up and Smelt the (Artisan) Coffee…

As a recent second time Mum to two gorgeous girls, I have suddenly come to appreciate the power of caffeine. I know, I am a bit of a latecomer to this particular party; I worked in London during the Rise of the Coffee Shops but I was never one of their loyal customers – I have always been a cup of char kind of girl.

Well, as those who are sleep deprived for any reason will testify, good old rosy lee just doesn’t cut it when you need a quick pick-me-up.  Coffee, however, hits that nail square on the head!

I have been indulging so much lately, that I have found myself turning my nose up at the supermarket brands, and seeking out a better quality of bean. I thought some of you would appreciate me sharing the fruits of my search – so, ever eager to please, here are some of my favourites!

1. Stewarts Coffee

This coffee is roasted and packed right on my doorstep in Trent Bridge (yes, the same area as our wonderful cricket ground here in Nottingham). It was the first place from which I ordered “proper” coffee – probably because they keep it really simple, with easy-to-pick-from tasting notes, no minimum order and free next day delivery on orders over £25. My favourite varieties are The Road Trip and the Colombian.

2. 200 Degrees

OK, there is a theme here…Nottingham. Not only am I a big advocate of buying local and independent, there is another good reason that 200 degrees made it to this list of my favourite coffees to enjoy at home. They also have an absolutely beautiful coffee shop in Nottingham city centre, which is where I first sampled their delicious beans. If you’re in the city, you must visit. The lovely chaps who opened it have renovated the old White Horse pub, and in so doing, they discovered the most beautiful original wood panelling on the walls, which, coupled with the open fire, make it incredibly cosy…. My favourite brew-at-home blends are La Nina de Guatemala, and they also do an amazing caffeine free variety, called Mellowship Slinky.

3. Coaltown Coffee Roasters

Coaltown ensure their beans are sourced ethically from single-estate small farms around the world, and roast them in their roastery in South West Wales. Their single origin Columbian roast, Agostino Forest, is exquisite.

4. Climpson and Sons

I was introduced to Climpson and Sons at a friend’s house after a particularly heavy night (of no sleep…). The single origin roast I was introduced to, La Esperanza Lot 1, from Guatemala, had me at the tasting notes: “Cream Soda, Mango, Pistachio”. Who could resist?

I am enjoying my journey of coffee discovery. Do let me know if you have found any that I should try.

In the meantime, I am off to bounce my youngest, Alice, to sleep…. Being a mum of two is hard work, but when they are as gorgeous as this, they are totally worth it!

Alice and Scarlett Oates newborn shoot mum of two


  1. I too was late to the coffee scene. You should give Monmouth Coffee a try. My sis works there and it’s absolutely wonderful.

    • Ooh, I have just taken a look online, I am going to order some now. It looks fabulous, thank you!

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