Trends To Watch in 2018…

Once the mayhem of Christmas is over, it gets us to thinking of making a few adjustments to our living space. A lick of paint here, a new accessory there – we find it helps blow off the cobwebs and winter blues, making it easier to believe that it’s not too long before spring gets here.

With each new calendar year, a whole host of new trends arrives, and this year seems more full of them than most. Over the next few weeks we’ll take a look at our favourite, and give you some ideas as to how you can incorporate the new looks into your own homes.


This charming phrase has Japanese origins in Zen Buddhism and encourages us to see the beauty in imperfection. Think a well-loved leather armchair, a handmade, not-quite-symmetrical vase, and wrinkled linen sheets. We love this concept as it encourages us to minimise waste – scuffs, scrapes and cracks are celebrated, and it also encourages a more relaxed outlook to life – and reducing stress can only be a good thing!

Wabi Sabi Worn Brown Leather Vintage ArmchairWabi Sabi Hand Thrown Ceramic Bowls









Ombre Walls

You may have experimented with the ombre look with fashion and textiles, like bed sheets, but for 2018 it’s all about applying this graduated colour to walls. The best bit? If you can’t decide between two favourite colours for your walls, now you don’t have to! The wallpaper shown is by Nicematches and is available on Etsy.

Ombre graduated colour wallpaper by Nicematches on Etsy for Oates & Co Blog









Dark Wood

Lighter shades of wood have taken centre stage for so long now, it’s little wonder that the interiors world is starting to embrace darker varieties again.

We have been watching with interest the use of darker colours on walls to create a really cosy feel to a room. Add rich wooden tones of walnut or ash, and you will up the cosiness factor so much, you’ll never want to leave!

We love this dark wood raised sleigh bed, available on alisonathome.

Dark wood sleigh bed at Alisonathome for Oates & Co. Blog







Have you experimented with any of these trends yet? If so, we’d love to hear from you – post on our Facebook page, tweet us or email us at

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